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Blow molding

Blow molding is a highly efficient manufacturing process primarily utilized for shaping hollow plastic parts.  The process involves the seamless integration of CAD/CAE/CAM technologies to design and manufacture molds. This includes mold CAD design, analysis, determination of the parting surface based on the product model, cavity and core allocation, detailed mold structure design, and analysis of plastic filling processes.

To ensure precision and accuracy, advanced feature modeling software like PRO/E and UGII are employed. These software enable easy determination of the parting surface, generation of upper and lower mold cavities, mold cores, as well as the layout of flow channels, gates, and cooling water pipes. This comprehensive approach allows for efficient mold design and manufacturing, resulting in high-quality blow molded products.

Blow molding finds extensive applications in various industries, including packaging, automotive, consumer goods, and more. It is a cost-effective and versatile method for producing hollow plastic parts and bottles with consistent quality and durability. The ability to shape complex designs, coupled with the seamless integration of CAD/CAE/CAM technologies, makes blow molding a preferred choice for manufacturers seeking efficient and reliable production processes.

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