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5 Gallon Preform Mould for Water

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Preform mold is installed on injection machine and used for producing preforms, such as  5 gallon preforms, wide mouth preforms , bottled water preforms.



Preform type

Without injection tail, no need cut

Runner type

Hot runner valve gate

Core, cavity and neck material

S136 steel (48-52HRC)

Mold base

Chrome plated P20 (anti-rust)

Hot runner Heater brand

Italian Rotfil

Cycle time

18 to 23 s



Mold structure

Demoulding automatically; self lock by each cavity

Mold life

3 to 5 million shots

Manufacturing time

45 to 50 days

Mould Feature

  1. Steel material: Mold main parts adopt S136 stainless steel, with high glossy surface finish and hardness up to HRC48-52. Mold base is chrome plated P20, and the chrome process helps avoid corrosion.

  2. Self- lock and shut-off individually for each cavity to guarantee high precision and less defect of the final preform production.

  3. Off-center adjustment system to ensure preform thickness difference < 0.05mm.

  4. Hot runner valve gate is applied; no need to cut preform tail and it would save labor costs.

  5. Hot runner: one temperature zone controls one point temperature; it would prevent the white defects on the preform.Hot-runner heater adopt ltalian technology and ltalian famous brand components.

  6. Experienced designers design preform mold according to the final bottle shape; preform thickness and height is reasonably and perfectly designed to ensure the final bottles weigh light but feel hard.

S136 steel  is applied on mold cavity, core and neck screw;  it is a high strength anti-corrosive stainless steel of guaranteed mold life 3 million shots before major maintenance.


Taizhou Huangyan Super Mould Co., Ltd has focused on top quality PET preform mould and cap mould for over 20 years in China. We started as a small operation...

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