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Preform Mould is a type of mould used for producing plastic bottles, cans, and other hollow products. It is classified into different types based on its application and design, such as:

Single-cavity preform mould: This type of mould produces one performance at a time, making it suitable for small-scale production.

Multi-cavity preform mould: This type of mould produces multiple preforms simultaneously, making it suitable for high-volume production.

Hot runner perform mould: This type of mould has a hot runner system that allows for faster production and reduces waste material.

Valve gate performs mould: This type of mould uses a valve gate system to control the flow of plastic material, resulting in better quality preforms with less waste.

Overall, Preform Mould is an essential tool for producing high-quality plastic products, and its different types offer flexibility in production based on volume and complexity requirements.

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