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Cosmetic Bottle Preform Injection Moulding

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Cosmetic Bottle Preform Injection Moulding With Valve System And Self Lock


We support customer R&D. Make the files or improve the design if you needed.

2.Quotation Making

Mould Quotation will be finished in 1 day according to information based on samples, drawing and specific requirement we get.


The quality, price, material, delivery time, payment item, etc.

4.Mould Design

1-2days for product 3D/2D drawing design as per customer's design or our company's design. Then in further make the mould 2D/3D design.


1. Confirm the proucts and the mold design

2. Mould material prepare

3. Rough machining(heat treatment on mold base and pre-harden on mold)

4. CNC/ Vacuum Hardening on mold main spare parts

5. Finishing machining( JDPAINT, DEM.etc)

6. Dimension inspection

7. Ejector& runner& cooling & other device process

8. Assemble mold

9. We send processing photos to customer each week.

6.Mould Testing

When moulds are finished, we will test the mould and we will send samples for consumer reference.

7. Sample Confirmation

If the first sample is not satisfied by customer when it is come out. We modify the mould until meet customer’s satisfaction.


Delivery goods by sea or by air, according to customer’s requirement.

Preform Mould Maintenance:

1. Maintenance of oil in the hydraulic oil, hot oil type from cooling nozzle into, can act as a lubricant, anti-rust function.
2. The guide pillar maintenance guide post on also want to apply a small amount of hydraulic oil, cycle for once a month.
3. If not for a long time production need coated with rust inhibitor.
4. The bottle preform thread screw requires constant reinforcement.

Q: Can you give me the best price of plastic mould?

A: Sure, we calculate the mould price according to your provide the size , pictures , drawings,etc.

If you can give us details, we sure the reasonable price .

Q: What kind of trade terms can you do?


Q: Can you produce according to the samples?
A: Yes, we can produce by your samples or technical drawings. We can build the molds and fixtures.

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Taizhou Huangyan Super Mould Co., Ltd has focused on top quality PET preform mould and cap mould for over 20 years in China. We started as a small operation...

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