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Preform Making Injection Molding


-The material of core and cavity are made of #2316 stainless steel from German.

-With pneumatic valve gate system.

-Optimal cooling design and all the cooling system are Nickel plated.

-All the components can be interchangeable.

-Mirror hand polishing for the core and cavity.

-Adopted Japan valve gate and hot runner system.

-Adopted temperature controller. Temperature of the perform is controlled Point by point.

-Mould specification: 4-144 cavities

-Bottle neck: 26mm, 2925, 3025, 1881, 1810, 38mm

-Matching domestic and overseas injection or compression mould machine

-Mould base material: S136ESR stainless steel, pre-hard HRC35-40.

-Matching customers' original hot runner system

-Mechanical robot available

Five gallon mould:

The five-gallon bottled water production line is the core equipment for the five-gallon

bottled water production line, and is the ideal equipment for the production of mineral water,

distilled water and purified water. Made of high quality stainless steel, corrosion resistant and

easy to clean. Main electrical components are MITSUBISHI, OMRON products, pneumatic

components are imported AIRTAC products. This line equipment structure is compact, the

work efficiency is high and the stability is reliable, the movement is sensitive correct, the

automation degree is high, is the mechanical and electrical gas trinity automatic drum


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Taizhou Huangyan Super Mould Co., Ltd has focused on top quality PET preform mould and cap mould for over 20 years in China. We started as a small operation...

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