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colorless Polyethylene Blow molding machine for pet

colorless Polyethylene Blow molding machine for pet(1-2L)
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semi automatic stretch blow moulding machine

1. Machine Power: 8 KW

2. Theoretical Output: 800-1000 BPH

3. Suitable Bottle: Mineral Water Bottle, Beverage Bottle, Medicine Bottle.

4. Blower Size: 1450*590*1650 (MM)

5. Oven Size: 1680*610*1450 (MM)

6. The Weight Of Blower And Oven: 1000(KG)


Auxiliary Equipment

1. Air Compressor : Compress air,used for blowing bottle and blower action.  ( Pressure 3.0Mpa )

2. Air Tank : Store high pressure air.

3. Air Filter : Including 1 set T-class filter (1um) and 1 set A-class filter (0.01um). Cleaning oil and dust.

4. Air Dryer : Cooling and dry air,improve bottle quality,prolong pneumatic parts life.

5. Chiller : Cooling mould,make the machine suitable to working 24 hour per day.

1. Payment Method

30% by T/T as down payment, 70% by T/T paid before delivery. (Other payment please notice in advance.)

2 . Mechanical Warranty

One year warranty and come with at least one year recommended spare parts.

3. Delivery & Packing

Delivery Time: 15 days after get down payment &confirm bottle design.

Packaging requirement:
1) The special packaging wooden case is according to the immunity standard in China,it suits for long-distance transport, damp proof, rustproof, land way and seaway
2) Transportation ways: Sea transportation

4. Install In Spot

1) Installment USD80/day. Person as allowance
2) Free training for buyers worker within the installation period.


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