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trestle PET blow mould for christmas decorations

trestle PET blow mould for christmas decorations offered by China manufacture
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The advantages of choosing magnesium aluminum alloy: good thermal conductivity of aluminum; Die light weight, thereby improving the speed of switching die; Cooling fast, improve product quality.

The advantages of stainless steel: strong corrosion resistance, in the waterway with dirt conditions can keep the waterway smooth; Good polishing, can achieve mirror effect, beautify the appearance of products.

Bottle shape design

Shengqiang mould adopts international advanced 2D&3D software to design the appearance of the bottle, which meets the needs of various shapes of plastic products in today's market. Experienced design team can translate your bottle design concept into reality


Taizhou Huangyan Super Mould Co., Ltd has focused on top quality PET preform mould and cap mould for over 20 years in China. We started as a small operation...

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