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water tank PP blow mould

Blow mold using the latest CAD design software, and CAM processing means. Mold material selection of stainless steel magnesium aluminum alloy, so that the blown out of the bottle surface finish is good, sharp corners. The mold adopts special circulating cooling water channel design to shorten the bottle forming time and ensure the quality.
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High quality material

Carbon steel # 45 is used as a standard material for making blow bottle molds because it is easy to work after forging. At the same time, we also provide S136 type steel. S136 is a stainless steel, has a very high hardness (HRC30). The mold cavity made of this steel does not need to be gold-plated, and the mold will last longer. For fully automatic bottle blowers, aero-grade alloy aluminum is commonly used, which provides better cooling and is lightweight.

Processing equipment

For different bottle types, the processing department uses different equipment, such as 3-axis machining center, precision machining center and other professional processing equipment to ensure the capacity requirements of the final blow bottle mold so that the competitiveness of the plastic subseries blow bottle mold in the same industry is enhanced.

Exterior treatment

After the final blow test of the die is completed, a hard chrome coating is usually applied to extend the service life of the die.

Quality control

Before designing the mold, the design team of Suya optimized the shape of the bottle. In the manufacturing process, all digital processing equipment and technology to ensure the quality of the final mold. After completion, we conducted many mold tests to check the true capacity of the produced bottle and the final bottle shape. If there is any problem, we will make the necessary adjustments to the mold to meet the customer's requirements


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