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PCO 1881 Neck Preform Mould for High-Quality Beverage Bottles

Our PCO 1881 Neck Preform Moulds are designed for producing high-quality beverage bottles. These moulds are manufactured using advanced processes to ensure precision and consistency of each preform. Moreover, our moulds are made of high-quality materials and processed with high precision, making them long-lasting and stable.
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Material: High-quality steel and aluminum

Neck type: PCO 1881

Cavity number: Single or multiple cavities

Hot runner system: Customizable

Manufacturing process: Advanced CNC machining and heat treatment


  1. Precise mould design for high-quality preform production;

  2. Customizable cavity number and hot runner system based on customer needs;

  3. Made of high-quality steel and aluminum materials for long life and stable performance;

  4. Applicable to the production of different types of beverage bottles.


Applicable to the production of various types of beverage bottles, such as carbonated beverage bottles, mineral water bottles, juice bottles, etc.


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