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waterproof PA6 Injection Mould for agriculture flower pot

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Country Manufacturer: China

Product: Mould for making plastic pot

Mold material: Steel, H13&718

Steel composition: C0.32 ~ 0.45 , Si0.80 ~ 1.20 , Mn0.20 ~ 0.50 , Cr4.75 ~ 5.50 , Mo1.10 ~ 1.75 , V0.80 ~ 1.20 , p≤0.030 , S≤0.030;

Dimensions and mold: 1005*590*615mm

Molds - a device for obtaining a "lid" part from plastics under the influence of pressure created on an injection molding machine.

Molds are used for injection molding of polymeric materials, investment casting, pressing of polymeric materials.

The mold consists of a stationary part (matrix), and a movable part (punch), the molding cavities of which are the reverse (negative) imprint of the outer surface of the workpiece.

In one mold, 4 pieces of a part can be molded simultaneously.

The material is supplied to the forming cavity through the gating system: central, spreading and inlet gates, and the finished product is removed using the ejection system.

A certain temperature balance is maintained in the mold, depending on the material and requirements for the resulting workpiece.


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