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injection plastic hardness Preform Mould

PET preform by blow molding reprocessing to form plastic bottles, including cosmetics, medicine, health care, beverage, mineral water, reagents and other packaging bottles.

The hot runner is the key to the performance of the billet mold. The hot runner designed by our factory has absorbed the advanced technology of foreign countries, combined with the needs of domestic customers, adopts the scissor-free gate design, and the hot runner nozzle has separate temperature control. Our mold ensures that the wall thickness difference of the tube billet is less than 0.05mm, the weight error is less than 0.1g, 2-5 molds can be produced in one minute, and the service life can reach 2 to 5 million molds


Taizhou Huangyan Super Mould Co., Ltd has focused on top quality PET preform mould and cap mould for over 20 years in China. We started as a small operation...

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