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72 Cavities valve gate Preform Mould for Mineral Water Bottle

72cavities preform mould for mineral water bottle 
  • sp-30

  • super mould

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The 72 Cavities Valve Gate Preform Mould is a high-quality plastic product mould used for the efficient production of mineral water bottle preforms. The mould has 72 cavities and features a valve gate design for precise and consistent preform production.

Key Features:

  • High-Quality Material: mould core and cavity S136 or 632 material for long mould life 

  • Precise Design: The mould has undergone precision design to ensure accurate and consistent preform production, with 72 cavities for high volume production.

  • Valve Gate Design: The mould features a valve gate design, which helps reduce the risk of preform defects and ensures consistent quality.

  • Efficient Production: The mould's design allows for efficient production of mineral water bottle preforms, reducing production time and costs.

  • Easy Maintenance:  improves the efficiency of production.


Taizhou Huangyan Super Mould Co., Ltd has focused on top quality PET preform mould and cap mould for over 20 years in China. We started as a small operation...

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